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Graduate Research Assistant

Mike Struss


BS, Bioengineering (Biomaterials), Temple University, PA, 2017

About Me

In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, golfing, watching football, and trying to understand how pretty much everything in this world works.

Research Interests 

Microfluidics, Adipose Tissue Engineering, 3D Printing, AutoCAD design, Programming


My research focuses on designing bioreactors to improve current in vitro models of adipose tissue and its vasculature. This includes designing microphysiological systems (MPS) or Organs-on-chips to study adipocyte and endothelial cell crosstalk as well as culturing vascularized adipose tissue constructs in high aspect ratio rotating wall vessels (HARVs) bioreactors to simulate microgravity conditions here on earth.

My Favorite Fun FAT Fact 

There are three types of fat: White, brown, and beige. White adipocytes typically contain one large lipid droplet and are used to store excess energy (fatty acids) in the form of lipids. Brown adipocytes contain many smaller lipid droplets and mitochondria, and they use these mitochondria to metabolize lipids to produce heat. The large number of mitochondria are what give brown fat its distinct color. Beige fat shares the functions and characteristics of both white and brown and that is why it has been termed “beige”.

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