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Postdoctoral Researchers 

Anthony Berger, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Specialist at CN Bio
January 2018 to January  2021

Graduate Researchers 

Golnaz Anvari, Bioengineering
Postdoctoral Scientist at Janssen R&D (Philadelphia)
Fall 2016 to Spring 2022

FSRI Fellowship

ASMB Travel Award for Top Abstract (2019)

2nd and 3rd Place for Poster Presentation for College of Engineering Graduate Symposium (2022)

1st Place for Graduate Research Category for Temple Bioengineering Summer Research Symposium (2019)

Undergraduate Researchers 

Sarah Coleman, Bioengineering
Associate Scientist I at Synapticure (Philadelphia, PA)
Summer 2020 to Sp
ring 2022
Diamond Scholar Fellowship 
dkNET NIDDK Summer Fellow

Rida Ayub, Neuroscience
Biology Student at Temple University
Summer 2021 to Summe
r 2022
Diamond Scholar Fellowship 

Sofia Mehmood, Bioengineering
Bioengineering Student
Fall 2020 to Summ
er 2021

Julia Brenemen, Bioengineering
Supplier Quality Engineer at DSM Biomedical
Spring 2020
Awarded CARAS Fellowship

Joseph Woolerton, Bioengineering
Research Assistant at the Wistar Institute (Philadelphia, PA)
Summer 2018

Alexandra Abruzzo, Bioengineering
M.D. Candidate at St. George’s University
Spring 2018- Fall 2019
Merit Scholar

Anthony Nassier Boyce-Davis, Biology
Research Assistant at NYU (New York, NY)
Spring 2017- Summer 2017

Jennifer Hammel, Bioengineering
VT ICTAS Doctoral Scholar at Virginia Tech
Spring 2017 - Summer 2020

Paul Perumaly, Bioengineering
Associate Scientist at Adaptimmune (Philadelphia, PA)
Summer 2021 to Spring 2022 (co-advised with Nancy Pleshko)

Zachary Hegenberg, Bioengineering
Compliance and Audit Specialist at Integra Life Science (Charlotte, NC)
Summer 2021

Anjali Shankar, Bioengineering
Spring 2022

Alina Vabishchevich, Bioengineering
Spring 2020-Fall 2020

Kyle Schwab, Bioengineering
Predoctoral Fellow at NIH/Temple
Spring 2018- Spring 2019

Eleanor Caston, Bioengineering
NSF GRFP Fellow in Segura Lab at Duke University
Spring 2018- Summer 2020
Merit Scholar

Jimmy Dawood, Bioengineering
United States Navy Ensign M.D. Candidate at the F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine
Fall 2016- Summer 2017

Nikolas DiCaprio, Bioengineering
PhD Student in Burdick Lab at University of Pennsylvania (UC-Boulder)
Fall 2016- Summer 2020
Diamond Scholar Fellowship

Casey Rodenberger (Hobel), Bioengineering 
Manufacturing Engineer II at DSM Biomedical
Fall 2016- Fall 2017

Visiting Undergraduate Researchers 

Joseph Urban
Brown University 
Microfluidics Engineer/Member of Technical Staff I at Draper Labs (Cambridge, MA)
Summer 2018 to Summer 2019
Brown University Summer Fellowship Award

Alice Bobovich
University of Southern California

Biomedical Engineering Master’s Student at University of Southern California
Summer 2018

Clinical Fellows 

Dylan Kahler, M.D.
Temple University Hospital

Summer 2021
Clinical Fellowship For Research Award 

George Taylor, M.D.
Temple University Hospital

Spring 2019-Summer 2021
Clinical Fellowship For Research Award 

Edwin Acevedo, M.D.
Temple University Hospital

Spring 2017-Summer 2019
Clinical Fellowship For Research Award 

Medical Students 

Andrew Daigneau, B.S.
Temple University Medical School

Summer 2018

Maria Sharaf, B.S.
Temple University Medical School

Summer 2018

Alexis Lo, B.S.
Temple University Medical School

Spring 2017-Summer 2018

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